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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hoop Dreams live?

- Hoop Dreams Live Where teams and spectators come for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind basketball experience! We give back! A portion of the proceeds go to local charity Click to learn more! Free Team Dri-Fit! Registration Fee is $250 per team. $30 Discount when you register at least 3 teams!

How does Karla work with Hoop Dreams nation?

"Our teams have played in Hoop Dreams Nation tournaments for years, as well as around the country. Karla works with us on schedules so we are able to manage multiple teams and kids can play other sports.

Where do HDN tournaments take place?

for HDN Family teams, multiple teams, or multiple tourneys. Most tournaments are in the metro areas of Denver & Colorado Springs with a few in Pueblo, Co. If a weekend will be held in two locations (I-25 Tourney), teams will be able to choose to play in the South (Co Springs/Parker).

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