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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file my company tax return?

If you’re a charity or unincorporated association you can only use this service to file your Company Tax Return. You’ll need to use filing software to file your accounts online with Companies House. There is a different process if you need to file your confirmation statement (annual return) with Companies House.

What is a company tax return?

A company tax return is used to report your spending, profits, and corporation tax due to HMRC. It involves completing a CT600 form and submitting a financial report with calculations that show how much you owe in tax. Our guide to corporation tax has more on when to pay and how to register.

When do I need to file a corporation tax return?

Keep in mind that even if your company has made a loss, or if you have no corporation tax to pay, you still need to file. The deadline for filing is 12 months after the end of the accounting period the return covers.

Can I pay corporation tax and file a company tax return?

Before you can pay corporation tax, you usually need to work on your company tax return – here’s what small businesses should know. While the deadlines for paying your corporation tax and filing a company tax return are different, in practice they’re often done at the same time.

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