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Frequently Asked Questions

Is glassesshop a good company?

The ordering, shipping and quality has been great. But most of all is their prices which is phenomenal! This is my second experience with GlassesShop and it has been, once again, a success. The glasses I ordered are of decent quality, the prescription lens are spot-on and the service was flawless.

What is glassesshop's return policy?

GlassesShop also offers a 90-day warranty on eyewear orders that covers defects (not accidents or negligence!). Simply contact GlassesShop’s customer service team via email so that they can approve your return. Items must be sent back unworn and in their original packaging, including the case and cloth for cleaning.

Are We a trustworthy online retailer of eyeglasses?

We are a trustworthy online retailer of eyeglasses, try it now with 30-day free return & exchange, 365-day frame warranty. Worry about buying glasses online?

Are the glasses worth the 1 star reviews?

The multitude of 1 star reviews speak for themselves. The glasses were always nice and I never had blurred vision or anything with the script but they were in fact not the prescription that I requested.

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