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Frequently Asked Questions

Should you bring a gift to a funeral?

The classic gift to bring to a memorial service. These are the traditional “funeral flowers,” and in some circles can be an expected gift from family and friends. Lots of meaning can be conveyed in your flower choice – see here for more info on the symbolism of various funeral flowers.

What is a good funeral gift?

Food is another good choice of funeral gift and can actually be of great help. Many funerals involve a wake or reception, which involve feeding guests and that entails spending money for the food. Hence, it would be a kind and welcome gesture for the family of the deceased if you can bring in food.

What is a funeral gift?

Both thoughtful and elegant, our funeral gifts help to honor the life of the recently deceased while also offering comfort to loved ones, family members, and friends. If you can’t be there in person to offer a hug or a handshake to the bereaved, sending an appropriate funeral gift is of paramount importance.

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