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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the career war leaders?

Career WAR Leaders:1.Babe Ruth+/183.1, 2.Walter Johnson+/164.8, 3.Cy Young+/163.6, 4.Barry Bonds/162.7, 5.Willie Mays+/156.1, 6.Ty Cobb+/151.5, 7.Henry Aaron+/143.1, 8.Roger Clemens/139.2, 9.Tris Speaker+/134.7, 10.Honus Wagner+/130.8,

Is there a war graph for pitchers?

We’ll do full WAR for pitchers eventually, but right now that’s still only 2002 onward. The other new feature are the WAR graphs where you can compare up to 4 players at a time in various ways: Just a quick note that these two graphs in particular were inspired by work done over at Beyond the Box Score.

Does the war value on the pitcher leader boards include batting and fielding?

Does the WAR value posted on the pitcher leader boards include the effects of the pitcher’s batting and fielding? From the description of the calculation above, the answer appears to be no, and to get the entire WAR for a pitcher one would need to add the total from the batting records.

Is there a career leaderboard for batters and pitchers?

There are now career leaderboards for the Standard, Advanced, Batted Ball, and Win Values stats sections for both batters and pitchers. The Win Values and Batted Ball leaderboards do not include data prior to 2002 because we just don’t have that data yet. Also, I’ve set the minimum PA and IP at 1000, but you can change it to whatever you want.

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