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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Tagalog words that don't have English translations?

Why yes, we even have a bunch of Tagalog words that don’t have English translations. But did you all know that in ancient times, okay, just kidding, in the 70s and 80s, Tagalog versions of popular American songs were very much in vogue?

How many international songs are translated into the Filipino language?

And to show love to our mother tongue, we are listing down 25 of your favorite international songs that are translated into Filipino language by BuzzFeed website! Sounds cool right?

Why do Pinoys love Tagalog?

(You can watch a compilation here .) Aside from Pinoys’ love of music, this can be seen as one proof that Tagalog and other Filipino languages are super capable of conveying many different kinds of emotions and nuances and powerful enough to stand the test of the intricacies of translation work. Go Filipino languages! #pinoypride right there!

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