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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the best drug rehab center in Florida?

The National Drug Helpline at (844) 289-0879 is a toll-free number that can help you find the best drug rehab programs in Florida that meet your specific needs. You can call the hotline 24/7 and speak to friendly and knowledgeable advisors in complete confidentiality.

What is the best drug rehab program in Florida?

Beaches Recovery provides drug and alcohol treatment in Jacksonville, FL to help men and women overcome substance abuse, beginning with medically supervised detox. This facility offers gender-separate programs for men and women, and each addiction treatment plan is customized and holistic. 3. Beachside Rehab, Fort Pierce, Florida

What kind of services do drug rehabs in Florida offer?

Florida rehab centers offer inpatient and outpatient treatment services to help people reach lasting addiction recovery. The state of Florida is home to a number of inpatient treatment facilities that focus on healing all aspects of a person, not just their addiction.

How many drug rehabs are in Florida?

Florida has 725 drug rehab facilities in the state that were treating 57,335 patients as of March 2019, according to SAMHSA. These facilities include

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