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Frequently Asked Questions

What countries are included in the African political map?

The Africa Political Map shows 54 independent countries and two disputed areas, namely Somaliland and Western Sahara with their poltical boundaries of the continent. Africa is a continent south of Europe, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean.

What bodies of water are shown on the African political map?

Political map of Africa is designed to show governmental boundaries of countries within Africa, the location of major cities and capitals, and includes significant bodies of water such as the Nile River and Congo River. In the political map of Africa above, differing colours are used to help the user differentiate between nations.

How can the African political map help a user to differentiate between nations?

The political map basically helps in drawing the fine line of division between the African countries or cities. It helps in understanding the political structure of African countries or the cities to the readers. Subsequently, readers can get to understand the continent in a better way for their knowledge and convenience.

What are the political boundaries of Africa?

Africa officially has 55 countries across its various sides that have their legal boundaries. Furthermore the continent has five regions that define the whole of African political boundaries. It includes East Africa, North Africa, Southern Africa, Middle Africa, and West Africa.

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