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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ArcGIS Online really cost?

The license is about 1000 per year total per person and also gives access to arcgis online. Ps you might just be able to get away using ArcGIS online by itself to do your analysis, which is a third of the cost. Also look into QGIS which is open source and likely meets more than you need for free. 2 level 2 GisGuru69 · 1 yr. ago

What can you do with ArcGIS?

ArcGIS Server allows you to share your maps and data as KML in several ways: Map and image services expose a KML network link through REST. Also, you can create your own KML link using ArcGIS Server Manager or the Services Directory. Finally, you can get KML as a result from geoprocessing, geocoding, and query operations.

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