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Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap flights still out there in 2022?

Flight prices are constantly changing, minute-by-minute. The big picture forces that have pushed some flight prices higher could change at any moment. But here's the thing: Cheap fares are still out there for the spring and even out into summer and fall of 2022. It just depends on where you're going.

How can I get cheap flights to Europe?

Widen your search for flight deals to Europe by selecting the "add nearby airports" option. This will allow you to see flight prices for all the nearest airports at your departure and destination point and could help you save money. Search for flight tickets on the go.

What airlines fly to Europe?

The major U.S. carriers that offer direct flights to Europe are American Airlines, Delta and United. If you have an international departure point, take a look at flights with Brussels Airlines or Air Berlin. What should you pack for a flight to Europe?

When is the best time to book a flight to Europe?

When is the best time to book a flight to Europe? Aim to book your flights to Europe at least a month or two in advance the save money on your flight tickets. This is especially necessary during the summer and during festivals as the cost of flights to Europe will shoot up during the peak season.

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