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Frequently Asked Questions

What does EC mean?

Elimination Communication (method of infant toilet training) EC Esophageal Cancer EC Enterochromaffin (cells) EC Electron Cloud EC English Corner (various locations) EC Eurocrypt (Conference) EC Equipment Code EC Economically Disadvantaged EC Energy Curable EC

What is an EC city in Canada?

Canada’s largest city is made up of many urban villages that reflect Toronto’s multicultural roots. If you would like your EC Experience to include cultural influences from around the world, Toronto is the EC city to be in. Learn English at EC Toronto 30+.

Why the EC experience in Los Angeles?

There is a “must-see” tourist spot for every day of the week, such as the Hollywood Sign and the Griffith Observatory, but there are also hidden gems the city has to offer in its trendy neighbourhoods. If a vibrant and eclectic city is where you want to learn English, then this is the EC Experience for you.

Why study English at EC?

General and intensive English courses at EC focus on the core skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing to improve confidence and increase fluency. From 1 week 20 lessons/week English in the City

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