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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Poochon dog breed come from?

The Poochon dog breed may have existed naturally over the years, but designer breeders started intentionally mixing Poodles and Bichon Frises in the late 1990s, in Australia. The UK and US followed the trend. Breeders wanted to mix the two parent breeds to combine the proud, intelligent Toy Poodle with the playful, adorable Bichon Frise.

How does a Poochon puppy look like?

How a Poochon looks will vary quite a bit depending on which of the parent breed they have thrown to. Bichon poo puppies from the same litter can be different from other dogs. They could have wavier or looser coats, but most Poochons have perfectly-proportioned heads with defined stops.

What kind of personality do poochons have?

True to their parent breeds, Poochons are highly intelligent, have a sweet and caring nature, a playful personality, and a sunny disposition. Poochon breeders (Bichpoo breeders) intentionally mixed the Poodle and Bichon Frise to create a new dog with the same desirable traits that the two breeds possess.

Are Poochon puppies good pets?

True to their parent breeds, the Poochon puppies are highly intelligent, sweet, and loving dogs with delightful personalities. The Poochons are outgoing, friendly dogs who make best friends with everyone they meet. Known to be gentle, calm, and patient with children of all ages, this breed is one of the best family companion pets in the world.

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