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Frequently Asked Questions

How many teams are in Euro 2021?

As mentioned above, Euro 2021 will feature 24 teams following UEFA's decision to expand the number of participants from 2016. The format for the final tournament will be the same as its predecessor Euro 2016, meaning that there will be six groups comprised of four teams.

Who will qualify for Euro 2021?

Group A – Group A looks like it will be one of the most competitive Euro 2021 groups of the tournament, and it is difficult to predict who will qualify. Italy, Turkey, Wales and Switzerland are all capable of qualifying, and although none of them are likely to be favourites to win the tournament, we expect each game to be closely contested.

Will the Euro Cup 2021 bring the best out of fans?

Published: 04th June 2021 11:24 PM | Last Updated: 05th June 2021 12:47 AM | A+ A A- The high-voltage Euro Cup is expected to bring the best out of some among football's finest!

When is the 2021 European Championship finals?

The tournament is set to commence on the 11th of June. It’s just a few days until the 2021 European Championship finals kick-off. Despite the absence of the Republic of Ireland from the tournament, there’s an air of excitement around the country at the prospect of summer football – particularly given the presence of fans at the games.

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