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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Zoover look like?

Zoover pretends to be heavy seen its size, nevertheless it looks very lightweight when hung into the room. Designed as a shallow dome, Zoover hides away a circle of light, giving it different looks depending on the point of view. Looking at it from aside, the thermoformed shell has a very neutral appearance.

What makes Zoover a great fit?

Judith Eyck emphasises that there is a great fit in many more areas: “The team races with three programs all over the world and are thus riding across the most beautiful locations our planet has to offer. Zoover takes you to these same destinations and ensures that you are there in the best accommodations.’’

How do I promote my Hotel on Zoover?

Be in control. Customers can reach you directly and share your social feed. Get in touch with the audience and promote your accommodation or services at the top of the page. Claim your full page on Zoover. All banners are yours and invite them to book directly with you!

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