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Frequently Asked Questions

Is yodel liable for a stolen parcel?

I have my doubts, as I firmly believe the parcel has been stolen though I can’t prove this as I only have circumstantial evidence. Yodel have also said they are not liable, despite the admission of the driver that he left the parcel in a bin, the card was not left, and the online tracking said it was left in a place that did not exist.

What items can't be returned through collect+ delivered by yodel?

There are some items that cannot be returned through the Collect+ delivered by Yodel delivered by Yodel service, for a full list please click What can I send using Collect+ delivered by Yodel . Glass items (Including lamps/mirrors). If you have contacted us about a lost parcel and we cannot find your parcel we will send you a claim form.

How do I make a claim for a missing or damaged parcel?

If you do need to make a claim, you can request a claims template form. You can open an enquiry on the DPD website for a missing or damaged parcel. DPD should ask you for your information and DPD reference number. You need to do this within 14 days of delivery if there's damage to all or part of the parcel. Or if part of it has been lost.

What if the op didn't engage yodel?

If the OP didn't engage Yodel (he didn't) then he has no contract with Yodel therefore has no valid claim against them. His only claim is against the seller - good luck in bringing an out of jurisdiction claim against a US seller. Duty of care is common law, they had a duty to care for my parcel and they didn’t.

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