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Frequently Asked Questions

Could the Yankees have a 5 defensive catcher for $600K?

The Yankees may have a 5 defensive catcher with a 5 bat, 5 raw power, and an 8 arm here. That would be quite a find for $600,000, especially given the current wasteland that is big league catching.

Is Carlos Munoz a good prospect for the Yankees?

Released by Minnesota after a just over a year in the DSL, Munoz is now an interesting, bite-sized arm strength prospect. The Yankees lowered his arm slot last year and he started throwing really hard and throwing strikes. They also gave him a slider rather than curveball.

Is Dominguez too low for a Yankee-obsessed public?

There’s as much industry intrigue surrounding Dominguez as there is interest in a Yankee-obsessed public because so few scouts have seen him at all, and even fewer have seen him against live pitching. One director told me Dominguez is impossible to evaluate for a list like this, while a former GM told me he was too low.

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