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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Yahoo Maps and MapQuest compete against Google Maps?

Map marker flyouts seem unexceptional compared to Google’s Competing against the omnipresent Google, even if only against its mapping technology, is a big undertaking for Yahoo Maps and MapQuest, and so it is to be expected that these two will play the cards that the Google Maps API is not putting on the “free access” table.

Is Google Maps better than Yahoo Maps?

It’s a three-way match among Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and MapQuest, as each of these popular mapping services pit their respective APIs against the other two. Developers can now have their pick of cutting-edge mapping APIs so they can design their own interactive map apps. Google Maps is, of course, considered the one to beat.

What are the MapQuest terms of use?

©2022 MapQuest, Inc. Use of directions and maps is subject to the MapQuest Terms of Use. We make no guarantee of the accuracy of their content, road conditions or route usability. You assume all risk of use. View Terms of Use .

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