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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access Yahoo Mail?

Opening your Yahoo! Mail is easy when you're using the official iPhone/iPad or Android app. Here's how to install it: Open the App Store (the blue icon with a white "A"). Tap Search at the bottom-right corner. Type yahoo mail into the Search bar and tap the search key at the bottom-right corner of the keyboard.

What is the best way to use Yahoo Mail?

1. Start the Yahoo Mail app. If you're not yet signed into any mail accounts, you'll see the Sign In page. Tap Sign in with Yahoo. 2. Type your Yahoo Mail username, email, or mobile phone number associated with the account and tap Next. 3. Enter your password and tap Next . 4. After a moment, you'll be signed in and taken to the inbox.

What are the benefits of using Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo Mail is notable because each new user gets 1 TB of free storage for email. The compose window is similar to Gmail, but one helpful difference; it's easy to switch between inline image attachments and regular file attachments. This is probably the best email service when it comes to alternate identities or aliases.

What features does Yahoo Mail offer?

Yahoo Mail supports the POP3, IMAP, and SMTP email protocols, features spam and virus protection, and supports customizable filters for the automatic organization of incoming messages. There’s also a paid version of Yahoo’s email service, called Yahoo Mail Pro.

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