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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best talents for marksmanship Hunter in mythic+?

These are our recommended talents for Marksmanship Hunter in Mythic+. ? Explosive Shot ? Natural Mending ? Camouflage ? Born To Be Wild ? Posthaste ? Binding Shackles Explosive Shot is preferred on "uncapped AoE" keys, while Careful Aim is preferred for all other keys. This assumes you have the Marksmanship Hunter 4-Piece .

Is marksmanship hunter worth it?

Marksmanship Hunter has looked great for a long time, and now with the addition of the new Talent Tree System, it is looking even better. With the choice to steal Talents and Abilities from other Hunter Specializations, you can truly dial in your Hunting efficiency. The best part about this is that you have the potential to top the DPS charts.

What is the best hunter skill?

The Marksmanship Hunter version is the best out of all three Hunter specs. While building out talent trees, I often wanted to grab the talent, especially if it was free, due to its ability to have your attacks ignore line of sight.

What are the best marksmanship skills?

Best Single-Target Talents for Marksmanship Hunter 1 Level 15: Master Marksman 2 Level 25: Careful Aim 3 Level 30: Natural Mending 4 Level 35: Steady Focus 5 Level 40: Posthaste 6 Level 45: Double Tap 7 Level 50: Lock and Load

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