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Frequently Asked Questions

Does workers comp have to settle my case?

You may have to go to trial if you cannot agree on a settlement, although this rarely occurs in workers’ comp cases. Many, but not all, workers’ comp cases end in a settlement. If you do win a settlement, it can be paid out in one of two ways: as a lump sum or as a structured settlement.

What does case number mean for workers comp?

Case ID - The WCB case number assigned by the Board when the case is assembled. Case Status - Description of where the case is in the resolution process. Case is closed manually by claims staff. Commissioner's hearing date is set.

Can I settle my Workers Comp case?

You can’t have a settlement, unless you’ve gone through the mediation. There is not definitive survey to verify this, but both Judge Sojourner and Pitts agreed that 99% of workers’ compensation cases are settled during mediation. “I’d say less than 1% of workers compensation cases end up going to trial,” Judge Pitts said. Workers Comp Hearings

Should I settle my Workers Comp case?

When Should I Consider Settling my Workers' Comp Case? In most cases, we do not recommend you agree to a settlement until your doctor says that you've reached what's usually called “maximum medical improvement” (MMI). This is the stage in your recovery when your condition has plateaued, and you're not likely to improve with further treatment.

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