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Frequently Asked Questions

Do flights usually get cheaper closer to the departure date?

We found that, on average, booking a domestic flight a week before the flight date costs $100 less than if you book the flight on the same day it takes off. In the same scenario for an international flight, the average price difference is $85.

Is there best and cheapest day to buy flights?

Tips and tricks to book cheap flightsBook flights on a weekend. It may be fun to browse flights, and maybe impulsively buy one, while you’re sitting at work during the week, but you could save a ...Start travel on Thursday or Friday. ...Extend your weekday trip into Sunday. ...Don’t assume nonstop flights are more expensive. ...

Can I call an airline to get a cheaper flight?

You sometimes can get cheaper tickets from the airlines by calling them although I do agree that their web sites are usually the better option because the person you are calling is seeing the same information that you will on the airline web site.

When is the cheapest time to get a flight?

The average price shows that Wednesday is the cheapest day to book a flight: taking the previous flight (NYC - MIA) as an example, the average price on Wednesday is $159, while Sunday seems to be the worst day, since the same flight costs on average $185.

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