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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Decerebrate and decorticate posturing?

Additionally, this type of posturing is more likely to affect only one side of the body (left or right) than decerebrate posturing. Decorticate posturing may also be referred to as abnormal flexion, decorticate rigidity, flexor posturing, or decorticate response.

Is decerebrate posture serious?

This type of posturing is a sign of severe damage in the brain. People who have this condition should get medical attention right away. Decorticate posture is a sign of damage to the nerve pathway between the brain and spinal cord. Although it is serious, it is usually not as serious as a type of abnormal posture called decerebrate posture.

What causes Decerebrate and decorticate posturing in coma patients?

Dissection of the brain stem of these animals induced decerebrate and decorticate posturing. Decorticate and/or decerebrate posturing exhibited in coma patients due to external stimuli can be indicative of intracranial pressure, along with damage to the brain stem, cerebellum, and midbrain.

How common is decorticate posturing after head injury?

It’s suggested that 37% of individuals with decorticate posturing after head injury survive. In contrast, only about 10% of individuals who demonstrate decerebrate posturing survive. Additionally, it appears that individuals who are younger and admitted into the hospital within 6 hours of injury tend to be more likely to survive.

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