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Frequently Asked Questions

What airlines fly out of Trenton NJ?

There is 1 airline flying from Trenton, which is Frontier Airlines, as of April 2022. Which airlines fly from Trenton? Frontier Airlines is the only airline flying from Trenton. Which alliances are flying from Trenton?

What cities are served by Frontier Airlines?

Frontier's main hub is Denver, Colorado. According to the airline, its most popular Denver-based routes are flights between the Mile High City and Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Orlando, Portland, and Santa Ana. While the airline only has one hub, it does have a number of focus cities. Similarly, where are Frontier Airlines hubs?

Who flies to Trenton NJ?

The only airline that flies to Trenton is Frontier Airlines. Currently there are no international flights to Trenton. The only flights to Trenton are domestic flights within United States. To get to Trenton from another country you will need a flight with a stopover, for example through Atlanta or Charlotte.

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