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Frequently Asked Questions

Will GameStop do a stock split in 2022?

On July 6, 2022, GameStop announced that it would conduct a four-for-one stock split. Investors who owned Class A common stocks by market close on July 18, 2022, would receive three additional shares for each share owned after market close on July 21, 2022.

Is GameStop the meme stock of 2021?

GameStop ( GME -3.96%), the infamous meme stock of 2021, is back on investors' radar again. This month, the company announced a 4-for-1 stock split, which will take place after trading closes on July 21. GameStop's stock split may come as a surprise to some investors since the current price per share is around $140.

What does GameStop’s 4-for-1 stock split mean?

GameStop ( GME), the original meme stock, is getting ready to split its stock 4-for-1. The 4-for-1 split means that GameStop investors will receive an additional three shares for each one they already own. The stock split will be the video game retailer’s second split ever, its first being a 2-for-1 split that occurred in March 2007.

Is GameStop's stock trading on its fundamentals?

While GameStop's stock typically doesn't trade on its fundamentals, that doesn't mean it never does. After announcing its stock split, the video game retailer also said it had fired its CFO and was laying off employees. After jumping 15% on the split announcement, the stock tumbled again in the aftermath of the firing and layoffs.

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