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Frequently Asked Questions

When is working overtime not worth it financially?

Working overtime may not be worth it if you develop health problems that you didn’t have beforehand. How much free time do you have to spend with your partner or family? If you work more overtime hours, you will have even less time to spend with them.

How many hours of overtime is too much?

You do work too much. Eight to 10 hours a day is reasonable, and you won't get much more accomplished by working past that. Related: This is What You Need to Do in the Wake of the Overtime...

Is working overtime worth it after taxes?

Working overtime will not work out to being paid time-and-a-half once the taxes are factored in, but some simple math shows — perhaps contrary to pervasive belief — you will be making more money regardless of any shift into the next tax bracket. A reader recently emailed me with a question about overtime pay:

Why you should work overtime?

Overtime is any time put in at a job beyond the standard full-time work week, which in the United States is typically 40 hours. Common reasons to work overtime include labor shortages, unexpected demand, employee training and extended seasonal hours.

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