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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wii Sports Resort have frisbee golf?

Furthermore, as a collection of games, Wii Sports Resort comes bundled with Frisbee Golf for a non-traditional and more casual version of golf that will be fun for the whole family. 3. We Love Golf! Review

What are the best Wii Golf games?

List of Wii Golf Games, Ranked Best to Worst 1 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 2 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 3 Super Swing Golf 4 We Love Golf! 5 Fun! Fun! Minigolf 6 Carnival Games Mini Golf 7 Power Golf 8 Kidz Sports: Crazy Golf 9 King of Clubs 10 Kidz Sports: Crazy Mini Golf 2 More ...

How do you get by in frisbee golf?

You can get by in Frisbee Golf by learning one thing: how to throw straight. Once you can confidently throw the Frisbee straight, everything else is just minor adjustments -- you must adjust for wind and distance, specifically.

How to throw a frisbee on Wii?

To throw a Frisbee straight, a simple, small motion will do: just make sure the Wii-mote, which should begin pointing behind you while you hold it at your side, ends up pointing roughly at the screen at the end of the motion. This should feel natural, like tossing a Frisbee. The faster you flick, the farther it will travel.

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