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Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should I ask a professional reference?

To ease into the conversation, begin with basic questions (e.g., reference’s relation to the candidate, candidate’s title and dates of employment), then move on to more in-depth questions. What if the reference refuses to provide any information? Some agency (or company) policies do not allow the release of a previous employee’s information.

What do employers ask when they call references?

what do employers ask when they call your references? 1. “How do you know this person?” Savvy reference checkers won’t take the candidate’s word for this; they’ll ask the... 2. “How long did you work together?” This is important because someone who managed you for four years is probably going... 3. ...

Will employers check your references?

Yes. Employers check references for multiple candidates that have moved into the final stages of the hiring process. It is customary for the hiring manager to ask for assistance from other HR professionals to validate previous employment and perform a reference check.

When should you ask for references?

The best time to check references generally varies depending on the responsibility of the role in question and the amount of time spent recruiting. You don’t want to get to the end of a lengthy recruitment process, only to find out your chosen candidate’s references don’t stack up.

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