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Frequently Asked Questions

Are sea monkeys real animals?

Sea monkeys are the ultimate low-maintenance pets. These fascinating creatures have been a phenomenon since they were dreamed up as ‘instant life’ pets in a New York lab in the 1950s. Sea monkeys are real animals. They do not exist in nature as they are a hybrid breed of brine shrimp specifically developed for the novelty pet market.

What is the lifespan of a sea monkey?

Answer: Sea monkeys will live for around 6 months to a year depending on the conditions they are kept in. You can keep them alive longer by providing their environment with all the nutrients that they need, but this is more difficult than just giving them food and water. 2. Can You Train Sea-Monkeys?

How do you take care of a sea monkey?

Any transparent bowl or container can work to keep sea monkeys, so long as the saltwater solution has been correctly prepared. The first packet in the sea monkey kit contains the ‘water purifier,’ which is a salt mixture that must be added to unchlorinated water. After 24 hours, the ‘Instant Live Eggs’ can be added.

What is a sea monkey?

Sea-monkeys is the marketing term used for a hybrid breed of brine shrimp sold in packets of dust in aquarium shops. Sea-Monkeys is the marketing term for a common type of sea creature: brine shrimp.

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