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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the spiritual meaning of the name Roger?

Roger (sometimes spelled “Rodger”) is an Old English name derived from the French name “Rogier”. The spiritual meaning of the name Rodger is from the Germanic origin, Hrōþigēraz. The etymology of the Germanic name Hrōþigēraz can be broken down as hrōd (“fame”) and gēr (“spear”). Thus, the name Roger means “famous spear” or “renowned for his sword”.

What is the origin of the name Roger?

The name Roger is boy's name of German origin meaning "famous warrior". In the World War II era, Roger had nothing but the most positive associations, actually used by military personnel to mean 'Received and understood'--or A-OK, and though it is now on extended furlough, it does have a long and distinguished history.

What are some different spellings of the name Roger?

Otherworldly variations of the name Roger include “Rutger” (Dutch), “Rüdiger” (German), “Ruggiero” (Italian), “Roar” (Norwegian), and “Rogério” (Portuguese). Because of its meaning of “spear” or “sword”, the name Roger has been used for sexual innuendos in the UK.

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