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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Daily Digest?

This section of the Congressional Record serves as a table of contents for the House and Senate actions reported in the issue and statements published in the Extensions of Remarks. The Daily Digest begins with highlights of the day's action, followed by a summary for the Senate and a summary for the House.

How is the Daily Digest changing the publishing industry?

This shift in consumption behaviors has had a tremendous impact on the publishing industry. In part, the Daily Digest is a more convenient and topic-specific social feed in your inbox. 7. Emergence of Artificial Intelligence to Personalize Content

Is daily digest at the forefront of the media revolution?

Here at Daily Digest, we like to think we’re right at the forefront of the modern media revolution. For far too long people have had to get their news from a very small number of news outlets, haven’t they? Be it radio, newspaper, magazine or television.

Why are daily email digests so popular?

You’ve likely seen the meteoric rise of Daily Email Digests like The Morning Brew and perhaps The Skimm. They provide a quick snapshot of the latest news and trends, usually with an editorial take. And this conveniently gets delivered daily to your email inbox. But why are they so popular?

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