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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online fraud?

Fraud that is committed using the internet is “online fraud.” Online fraud can involve financial fraud and identity theft. Online fraud comes in many forms. It ranges from viruses that attack computers with the goal of retrieving personal information, to email schemes that lure victims into wiring money...

Are online scams real or fake?

Online scams are always circulating on the internet. They usually come in the form of ads or spam emails promising their victims rewards or offers of unrealistic amounts of money. Any offers received through emails or ads that are too good to be true, are mostly scams.

Is an internet scam a federal crime?

Internet fraud schemes can be subject to both federal and state laws depending on the circumstances. If you've been charged with running an internet scam, or any other crime, it's in your best interests to consult with a local criminal defense attorney who can help craft the best defense based on the specific facts of your case.

What should I do if I get scammed on the Internet?

It is vital to never send money to someone met over the internet, never share personal or financial details with individuals who are not legitimate or trustworthy, and never click on hyperlinks or attachments in emails or instant messages. Once targeted, internet users should report online scammer activity and phishing emails to the authorities.

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