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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the IPRC consider?

Note that while the IPRC will consider the parent’s preferences, these preferences are not binding, and the final decision about placement belongs to the IPRC. the IPRC’s recommendations regarding a special education program and services; and

When should I refer my child to an IPRC?

reviews a student’s identification and placement at least once in each school year Principals make a referral to an IPRC if they and the student’s teacher believe that the student may benefit from a special education program. If your child’s principal makes a referral, they must give you written notice.

What are my rights as an IPR student?

Students 16 years or older also have the right to participate in IPR committee meetings, to speak on their own behalf, as well as request a review or appeal of these decisions.

Can an IEP be prepared without an IPRC?

IEPs may be prepared without the prerequisite of an IPRC, and schools are suggesting that parents of special needs students take this route. While there is a clear benefit in avoiding the delay of waiting for an IPRC meeting, it is important to note that the IEP is not binding without the IPRC.

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