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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Doomsday Glacier?

/  75.500°S 106.750°W  / -75.500; -106.750 Thwaites Glacier, nicknamed the Doomsday Glacier, [2] is an unusually broad and vast Antarctic glacier flowing into Pine Island Bay, part of the Amundsen Sea, east of Mount Murphy, on the Walgreen Coast of Marie Byrd Land. [3]

Is Antarctica's Doomsday Glacier losing ice?

(Image credit: British Antarctic Survey) Antarctica's so-called Doomsday Glacier is losing ice at its fastest rate in 5,500 years, raising concerns about the ice sheet's future and the possibility of catastrophic sea level rise caused by the frozen continent's melting ice.

Could the 'Doomsday Glacier' trigger a cascade?

It is dubbed the “doomsday glacier” because its collapse could trigger a surrounding glacial cascade that the latest research suggests could come far sooner than expected.

What happened to Thwaites Glacier?

The resulting map revealed that at some point during the last two centuries, when the bump was propping up Thwaites Glacier, the glacier's ice mass retreated more than twice as fast as it does now.

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