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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Deficit Reduction Act?

The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, also known as DRA, is a Federal law that grants states the ability to modify their Medicaid programs. This allows individual states to reform their Medicaid programs to fit with the present health care environment while maintaining federal guidelines.

How will the Deficit Reduction Act affect Medicare and Medicaid?

Through reforms that will reduce the annual growth of mandatory spending, the Deficit Reduction Act saves taxpayers nearly $40 billion over the next five years - about $300 per taxpayer. The Deficit Reduction Act Is Estimated To Slow The Pace Of Spending Growth In Both Medicare And Medicaid While Maintaining Our Commitment To Beneficiaries.

When did the Social Security Act of 2005 apply to Medicaid?

of a Medicaid managed care organization with a contract under section 1903(m) of the Social Security Act as of December 8, 2005. (c) CLARIFICATIONREGARDINGNON-REGULATION OFTRANS- FERS.—

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