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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ICPR document?

An ICPR document summarises an importing country's phytosanitary requirements for plant products. These requirements are based on the legislation, regulation, and any clarification received from that country. This page has a list of ICPR documents by country in alphabetical order that you can download.

Who is ICPR family practice?

If you’re looking for a primary care physician or physical therapist, ICPR Family Practice is for you! Our thorough approach makes us stand apart from other physician practices in Central Illinois.

What is the formula for ICPR?

ICPR = [ [integral].sup. [infinity].sub.- [infinity]] min [ [ [??].sub.IPD] (x), [ [??].sub.CO] (x)]dx.

What is ICPR 2020?

ICPR 2020 is the premier world conference in Pattern Recognition. It covers both theoretical issues and applications of the discipline. We solicit original research for publication in the main conference. Submissions should be made to the appropriate Conference tracks.

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