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Frequently Asked Questions

What are artifacts in radiology?

Most artifacts in radiology refer to something seen on an image that are not present in reality but appear due to a quirk of the modality itself. Artifact is also used to describe findings that are due to things outside the patient that may obscure or distort the image, e.g. clothing, external cardiac monitor leads, body parts of carer, etc.

What is an artifact in anatomy?

Artifacts are false images, or parts of images, that do not represent true anatomic structures. Artifacts arise when one or more properties of sound are violated. True pathology should be visualized in at least two planes. Suspected pathology that is not seen in multiple planes is most likely an artifact.

What is an artifact in computed tomography?

In computed tomography (CT), the term artifact is applied to any systematic discrepancy between the CT numbers in the reconstructed image and the true attenuation coefficients of the object.

What are CT artifacts?

CT artifacts are common and can occur for various reasons. Knowledge of these artifacts is important because they can mimic pathology (e.g. partial volume artefact) or can degrade image quality to non-diagnostic levels. CT artifacts can be classified according to the underlying cause of the artifact. motion artifact.

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