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Frequently Asked Questions

What is scamper and how does it work?

What is SCAMPER? The acronym SCAMPER stands for substitute, combine, adjust, modify, put to other uses, eliminate and reverse. This activity-based thinking technique enables finding out of the box solutions and can be used to assist ideation and aid learning. SCAMPER was a brainchild of an American advertising executive, Alex Faickney Osborn.

What is a scamper presentation?

SCAMPER is quite well-known as a technique to aid learning and to brainstorm new ideas. Since many teachers and trainers now use PowerPoint presentations, SCAMPER can be incorporated in the form of an interactive presentation session to generate new ideas, find solutions, and assist in outside the box thinking for trainees and students.

What is the difference between Disney's creative strategy and Scamper?

Unlike Disney’s creative strategy method, SCAMPER facilitators can move between different techniques without restricted to a specific flow. Secondly, the principle of force fitting should be adapted during the thinking sessions. For example, any response to the SCAMPER technique is welcomed no matter how non-logical is it.

How many provocation lenses are there in the Scamper method?

There are seven provocation lenses in the SCAMPER method: First, take an existing product or service. It could be an existing product, service or idea which you want to improve or which could be a great starting point for future development. Then, simply go down the list and ask questions regarding each of the seven elements.

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