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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the best solar charge controller?

Things to considerSystem Type. The type of charge controller you will need to pick might depend on the type of solar system you are going to install.Weather. Unlike popular beliefs, PV systems are more efficient in cool temperatures. ...The Voltage of the Panels and Battery. ...Size of the Loads to Power. ...Specifications and Additional Features for Solar Charge Controllers. ...

Why do we need a solar charge controller?

provided adequate ventilation to dilute any hydrogen gas that will be producedmade sure any nearby sources of sparks or ignition are removed; has turned off any DC electrical devices that could be damaged by the much higher charging voltagechecked fluid levels in each battery cellMore items...

What size solar charge controller do I Need?

to charge with 300W solar panel, if the system is 12V, then you need a 30 amp solar controller, if the system is 24 Volt, then a 15 amp charge controller is at least. 2000 Watt solar panel needs at least an 80 amp charge controller is system is 24V, 60 amp charge controller for a 48v system.

Do you need a solar charge controller?

You can use a solar panel without a charge controller but it is not advisable. Without one it becomes a risk to the system and a potential hazard. There are exceptions when a controller is not required. Connecting the panel directly to the battery without using some type of regulating mechanism is straightforward enough in terms of wiring.

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