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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an apical pulse sound like?

Typically, apical pulse rate is taken for a full minute to ensure accuracy; this is particularly important in infants and children due to the possible presence of sinus arrhythmia. Upon auscultating the apical pulse, you will hear the sounds “lub dup” – this counts as one beat. Count the apical pulse for one minute. Note the rate and rhythm.

How to auscultate apical pulse?

Auscultate heart sounds in a systematic fashion, beginning at the aortic landmark and moving across and down the chest through the pulmonic, tricuspid, and mitral areas ... simultaneously while auscultating the apical pulse for a full minute Compare the beats per minute for each site to determine if the patient has a pulse deficit Listen for S3

Should radial pulse be higher than apical pulse?

Lub dub are the two sounds heard that make up one heartbeat. One may also ask, is apical pulse higher than radial? Apical pulse should always be compared with the radial pulse. If the radial pulse is less than the apical pulse, a pulse deficit exists.

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