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What is the meaning of the word worthy?

Worthy: having sufficient worth or merit to receive one's honor, esteem, or reward. Synonyms: deserving, good, meritorious… Antonyms: no-good, undeserving, valueless…

How to say "worthy" in Hebrew?

This page provides all possible translations of the word worthy in the Hebrew language. רָאוּי Hebrew Discuss this worthy English translation with the community:

What is the word worthy?

worthy ( adj.) having worth or merit or value; being honorable or admirable; a worthy fellow. a worthy cause. worthy ( adj.) worthy of being chosen especially as a spouse; Synonyms: desirable / suitable. worthy ( adj.) having qualities or abilities that merit recognition in some way;

What does worthiest mean?

What does worthiest mean? worthier; worthiest. Learner's definition of WORTHY. [or more worthy; most worthy] 1. : good and deserving respect, praise, or attention. Your donations will be going to a worthy cause. I consider him a worthy opponent. She is a worthy successor to the mayor.

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