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Frequently Asked Questions

What is disc desiccation and how is it treated?

This procedure is invasive. Known as a spinal fusion, surgery for disc desiccation is required only in serious cases. When spinal fusion is performed, the surgeon removes the damage disc and it replaces it with an artificial one. Unfortunately, a spinal surgery can create further complications and that is why it’s better to avoid it.

What is another word for desiccation?

Synonyms for desiccation include dehydration, dryness, drying, shrivelling, shriveling, withering, thirst, parchedness, aridness and drying out. Find more similar ...

What is the definition of desiccation?

Desiccation is the state of extreme dryness, or the process of extreme drying. A desiccant is a hygroscopic substance that induces or sustains such a state in its local vicinity in a moderately sealed container.

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