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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a soldier mentioned in dispatches (or despatches)?

(Error Code: 224003) A soldier mentioned in dispatches (or despatches) ( MiD) is one whose name appears in an official report written by a superior officer and sent to the high command, in which is described the soldier's gallant or meritorious action in the face of the enemy.

What does dispatch mean?

To be recognized for one's bravery or heroism in an official report, as of a member of the military. The variant spelling "despatch" is sometimes used. Primarily heard in UK. You'll be mentioned in dispatches for saving so many men in your platoon. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2022 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved. be commended for your actions.

What is a mention in dispatch?

Description – A Mention in Despatches was instituted during the Great War and continued to be awarded for active service up to August 10th, 1920. It was worn on the ribbon of the Victory Meda l unless the victory Medal had not been issued in which case it was worn on the ribbon of the British War Medal and consisted of a Bronze spray of oak leaves.

Can personnel be mentioned in a dispatch?

Personnel can be mentioned in dispatches posthumously and multiple awards are also possible. A recipient of a mention in a dispatch is entitled to wear an emblem, in the form of a lotus leaf on the ribbon of the relevant campaign medal. They are also issued with an official certificate from the Ministry of Defence. [16]

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