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What county is Salford in?

Salford Metropolitan county Greater Manchester Region North West Country England Sovereign state United Kingdom 19 more rows ...

When did Salford become part of Lancashire?

In 1889, therefore, the town became the County Borough of Salford. Although independent of Lancashire County Council, Salford remained part of the county for certain purposes such as lieutenancy, shrievalty, custos rotulorum and administration of justice.

What is Salford famous for?

It lies immediately west of the city of Manchester. Flemish weavers first settled in Salford about 1360, and it became an important centre of domestic textile production. Beginning in the late 18th century, its cottage industries gave way to factory production, and Salford rapidly became one of the most important cotton textile towns.

Where is Saltford in Somerset?

/ 51.4015; -2.4592 Saltford is a large English village and civil parish in the Bath and North East Somerset unitary authority, Somerset. It lies between the cities of Bristol and Bath, and adjoins Keynsham on the same route.

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