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Frequently Asked Questions

What is decorticate and decerebrate posturing?

Decorticate and decerebrate posturing are both considered pathological posturing responses to usually noxious stimuli from an external or internal source.  Both involve stereotypical movements of the trunk and extremities and are typically indicative of significant brain or spinal injury.[1]

What causes Decerebrate and decorticate posturing in coma patients?

Dissection of the brain stem of these animals induced decerebrate and decorticate posturing. Decorticate and/or decerebrate posturing exhibited in coma patients due to external stimuli can be indicative of intracranial pressure, along with damage to the brain stem, cerebellum, and midbrain.

What causes decerebrate posture?

Causes of decerebrate posture include: 1 Bleeding in the brain from any cause 2 Brain stem tumor 3 Stroke 4 Brain problem due to drugs, poisoning, or infection 5 Traumatic brain injury 6 Brain problem due to liver failure 7 Increased pressure in the brain from any cause 8 Brain tumor 9 Infection, such as Reye syndrome More ...

What are the risks of decorticate posturing?

Decorticate posturing could indicate nervous system injury and permanent brain damage, which could result in: 1 seizures 2 paralysis 3 inability to communicate 4 coma

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