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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a frisbee the same as a golf disc?

Most frisbees, such as those used in the sport of Ultimate, are about the same weight as a golf disc. However, the density of a golf disc can make it feel much heavier in your hand.

Should you buy a Frisbee Golf Kit?

If you’re primary motive for purchasing a frisbee golf kit is low price, but still with fantastic discs, then give this set a shot. And if you want an extra disc and a handy carrying bag, consider the 4 disc set. 3. Sune Sport Disc Golf Set

What is the game of disc golf?

Play of the game. The sport of disc golf is set up similar to a game of golf. A "round" is played on a disc golf course consisting of a number of "holes", usually 9 or 18.

Where is frisbee golf played?

In 1968 Frisbee Golf was also played in Alameda Park in Santa Barbara, California, by teenagers in the Anacapa and Sola street areas. Gazebos, water fountains, lamp posts, and trees were all part of the course.

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