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Frequently Asked Questions

What is disadvantaged community status?

The specific program NOFO will describe how disadvantaged community status (or other similar status such as environmental justice, area of persistent poverty, or other Federal designations) will be considered. Federally recognized Tribal governments meet disadvantaged community status.

What is considered a disadvantaged community in Alaska?

Federally Recognized Tribes, including Alaska Native Villages, are also considered disadvantaged communities. Zooming in and selecting shows information about each census tract. Download the data with documentation and shapefile from the downloads page.

What are areas of persistent poverty & historically disadvantaged communities?

Areas of Persistent Poverty & Historically Disadvantaged Communities lists Census Tracts that qualify as Areas of Persistent Poverty & Disadvantaged Communities according to DOT’s Justice40 definition. EJScreen is an environmental justice mapping and screening tool that provides demographic and environmental information for a project area.

What are the most disadvantaged communities in Mississippi?

Of the top 100 most disadvantaged communities, 80 are rural—including 19 rural counties in Mississippi—and only nine are cities. This finding is significant because rural areas are more likely to lack infrastructure and investment to alleviate poverty. Disadvantage is clustered and largely driven by historical context.

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