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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Elsie Hughes from Westworld?

Elsie Hughes is a Main character in the sci-fi western TV series, Westworld. She is a rising star in the Behavior Lab and Diagnostics Dept. She diagnoses behavior problems in Westworld’s hosts, as well as programming them prior to entry into the park.

Who are the actors in the Westworld TV show?

Thandie Newton as Maeve Millay, a host who acts as the madam of Sweetwater, but her unreconciled memories of a former role lead to her becoming self-aware. Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe, head of the Westworld Programming Division, and programmer of artificial people's software.

Who is host Dolores Abernathy on 'Westworld'?

Dolores Abernathy is portrayed by Evan Rachel Wood and is one of the series' central characters. She is the oldest host still working in the park. Dolores is a rancher's daughter who discovers her entire life is an elaborately constructed lie.

Who is Delos' executive director Charlotte Hale on 'Westworld'?

Charlotte Hale. Charlotte Hale is portrayed by Tessa Thompson. Delos' executive director of the board overseeing Westworld. She seeks to smuggle Ford's hosts' data out of Westworld on behalf of Delos via Peter Abernathy's control unit and allow the company to wrestle control of the park away from him.

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