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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Westworld a good show?

Westworld is not a good TV show. There's really no way around it. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's massive-budget creation for HBO looks good on paper. It even looks good on screen, with its crisp 35mm photography, excellent stable of actors, incredibly detailed and expansive world, and all the intricate visual effects that Time Warner money can buy.

Will there be a 4th season of Westworld?

Therefore, we can expect ‘Westworld’ season 4 to release sometime in the first half of 2022. According to HBO President Casey Bloys, the showrunners Nolan and Joy have a deal with HBO for a “potential” fifth season, which means that there may be more to the story after four seasons.

What is the show Westworld really about?

"Westworld" is the name of a futuristic fully immersive park with a Wild West theme. Its robot inhabitants are called "hosts" and are there to serve at the pleasure of the human guests.

When will Westworld be back?

For those wondering when we'll be allowed back into both the show Westworld and the park Westworld, we're still going to have to wait another year. HBO has announced that the show won't return until 2020.

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