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Frequently Asked Questions

Is West Elm furniture good quality?

West Elm furniture is made with high-quality materials and construction, which results in durable and long-lasting furniture. Other brands may use lower-quality materials, which could lead to shorter lifespan for the furniture. Finally, another way to compare furniture brands is by prices.

What are some iconic West Elm pieces?

Explore affordable, gently-loved versions of West Elm’s most iconic pieces, including MId-Century Modern-inspired credenzas, storage coffee tables, modern sofas and more.

What does West Elm sell?

To reduce its carbon footprint, West Elm employs sustainable, eco-friendly practices. The company sells a line of organic fabrics produced without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, and most of its wood furniture consists of recycled and upcycled materials.

Where are West Elm stores located?

West Elm operates several brick-and-mortar stores throughout the eastern United States. In addition to physical locations, the company also has a large online catalog with regular sales and promotions. Between their user-friendly website and retail stores, the company offers customers everything they need to outfit their homes.

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