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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a condenser in a car?

The condenser is a small device that controls the condensing. When you want to set the car’s temperature to low or high, liquid refrigerant sent by the compressor has to face the convection force provided by the radiator fan or by a separated fan. This force helps in controlling it.

What is the purpose of a condenser?

Condenser: The condenser is basically a radiator, and it serves the same purpose as the one in your car: to radiate heat out of the system. The refrigerant enters the condenser as a pressurized gas from the compressor.

Do I need to check my car a/C condenser?

However, the condenser is vulnerable to lots of damage especially if you like to drive in rough terrain, so the more you enjoy taking road trips in the mountains, the more you should be checking on your car A/C condenser. The A/C condenser is typically mounted right in the front of your car, in front of the radiator, fans, and everything else.

Is your car air conditioning condenser leaking?

Is Your Car A/C Condenser Leaking? It’s actually a very common issue for a car air conditioning condenser to be leaking. This can happen from mere wear and tear, and is not usually a cause for alarm especially if it is a small leak.

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